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About Us

Therevelationssalon is a full-service salon that first opened its doors in 1999. Our award-winning team is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality services at fair rates in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Clients appreciate the salon’s creative staff, equipment, and products, which provide reliable and dependable results and are up to date with industry trends. Please take a look at our offerings.

Our Services

Nail Services

Therevelationssalon is among the branded nail service provider.Gillis/jomac is a hybrid polish that can be used on real or artificial nails. It contains no benzene or chloride and is washable. Under ordinary operation, it can last two to three weeks. When carefully applied, Sponge could be removed in moments with little risk to the actual nail.


In the hair department, we have three levels of beauticians: Hairdressers, Creators, and Master Hair dressers. This illustrates the education and experience of our workforce. Each beautician is highly trained and continues to develop certain skills. Their development stages are focused on five-year tiers. ‘ve put your confidence in our salon. We’re all working to make sure you’re happy.

Hair color

Are you worried with the colour scheme and tones of your hair? Our hair colorists will create the most vivid and healthy colour for you. Prices for colour correction may be obtained upon request. Every additional colour shade costs some amount. Longer or thicker hair that necessitates more product and time during any hair service can incur additional charges.

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